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A Buenos Aires family needed more than $850,000 in January to be considered middle class

February 20, 2024 – 16:12

The CESyAC survey shows that inflation does not let up and there are products that rose almost 800% year-on-year, such as rice.


The Inflation gives no respite and depresses the pockets of Argentinesafter the 25.5% in December, in January it was again above 20% and a typical family, of four people, two older and two younger, needed in the Buenos aires city a budget of $852,236.05 to meet all your expenses during January, according to the survey carried out by the Consumer Education Services and Advice Center (CESyAC).

During January, the 66% of the budget, that is, some $559,816.39was used for hire basic services for the homewhile $292,419.66 (34%) They were destined for mass consumption products.


Unlike the survey of the General Directorate of Statistics and Censuses of Buenos Aires (DGEyC)the one made by the CESyACassociated with the Buenos Aires leader Fernando Barrera, monitors the prices of the food basket and services. Additionally, it includes the rental housingthe expenses for a 10 year old carhe prepaid medicine subscriptionthe private school fee for two children and the family subscription in a club.

CABA baskets: which products suffered the greatest increases?

The most relevant increases in the area of consumer products massive were in the Cleaning products (31.49%) and packaged groceries (23.59%). Within the basic serviceswhat rose the most were the rates of collectives (Four. Five%), prepaid medicine (40%) and subways (37.5%).

Meanwhile, in an interannual comparison, significant increases were also detected in particular products such as rice (500 gr) which became more expensive 772.32% (it cost $159.13 in February 2023 and is currently worth $1,388.14). For their part, the mostachole noodles went from $193.45 to $992.40, which represents a variation of 413% in a year. The herb was worth 500g. $439 a year ago, while now it is $1,961.61 (346.86% more expensive).

A Buenos Aires family needed almost $30,000 pesos a day to live in January

In this way, a family needed in January $28,407.87 daily to meet monthly expenses; $9,747.32 They are for purchasing mass consumption products and $18,660.55 to hire basic home services.

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