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children with Fátima Flórez, the role of his sister Karina, and the fight with Lali Espósito

President Javier Milei He gave an interview in which he reviewed intimate issues of his recent life and part of what his management as head of state has been like so far, in just over two months of management. He talked about his relationship with the comedian Fatima Florez; the special bond with your sister Karina; the meeting with him Pope Francisco; and his fight with the singer Lali Esposito.

Among his most intimate statements, Milei was consulted about the possibility of having children with Fátima Flórez. “We haven’t talked about it,” she confessed. The couple is not yet a year old and beyond their passionate displays of love in public, they continue to live in separate houses, given that at the moment it does not seem to be in the plans for the comedian to move to the presidential villa in Olivos.

Regarding Karina, her sister, Milei highlighted her work and her influence in government management. “Go with the chainsaw unleashed”said the President about whom he usually defines as “the boss”. He called her “a tireless worker.”

Milei also took advantage of the interview to criticize the singer again Lali Esposito, the third woman who seems to mark the president’s present today, although in this case due to a fight that rises in temperature in the back and forth. “She uses her popularity to dirty and lie,” she shot in conversation with LN +, and reiterated the questioning of her for having carried out public performances paid for with provincial and municipal funds.

On the other hand, he referred to the meeting with Pope Francis, with whom he met alone for more than an hour in the Vatican. The president expressed his gratitude to the Supreme Pontiff for having personified the disqualifications that he received from the now President during the campaign. “He is the representative of the evil one on Earth,” Milei bellowed at the time in what was perhaps even one of his least offensive statements.

Javier Milei recognized what was his worst mistake as President

Also Milei He recognized what his main mistake was in his management at the head of the Casa Rosada: “The biggest mistake was believing that I could negotiate and make a honest proposal to the governors“said the president in relation to the rejection that the omnibus law received in Congress.

However, he quickly highlighted that there was a positive side to this setback: “We ended up exposing everyone“.

“In chapter four of the law we proposed a fiscal situation in which we could fix the problems of the provinces. We did it with total honesty,” the president said. He even acknowledged that “he was willing to bear the political cost of that” although he noted that the governors “took an act of good will as a weakness and as a consequence of that we first had to remove chapter four and then the law had to be lowered“.

Along these lines, he once again attacked the governors, to whom he attributed responsibility for the fall of the Bases bill and called them “traitors,” and explained: “What they are not used to is thinking in dynamic terms, they are They are used to thinking about a one-time game and we think in terms of dynamic trees and for everything they did we had an answer to double the bet. Today the reality is that that strategy was correct,” the President stressed despite everything.

Javier Milei targeted those who voted against the omnibus law and once again called them “traitors”

In the same way, he celebrated that after the rejection of the project they managed to “expose everyone.”

“If we had said that in two months we were going to generate a reordering of the political system between those of us who defend the ideas of freedom and those who are a group of satraps, parasites, who are the ones who sink the country and are willing for us all to end up poor in order to maintain their privileges, It is a great achievement“Milei remarked, differentiating himself once again from those who did not support the official initiative.

“I’m clean, so I can play hard. Those who betrayed the vote were left with all their fingers dirty“, he pointed out against the legislators who rejected the omnibus law although he did not want to give specific names.

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