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Key meeting at the offices of Mauricio Macri to define the future of the PRO

February 20, 2024 – 18:41

The possibility of an alliance with La Libertad Avanza and the PRO elections are part of the agenda carried out by Mauricio Macri.

Argentine News

Report by Cecilia Camarano.

One month before the party elections PRO, Mauricio Macri Align the troops to achieve their objective in the internal party: obtain a single list headed by leaders you trust in all districts. In this framework, he summoned representatives in his offices in Vicente Lopezwhere the president of the block of Deputies, Cristian Ritondo. The surprise? The absence of Patricia Bullrich.

Party sources indicated that there would be enough consensus for a unity list that heads Mauricio Macri, given the imminent closing of candidatures that will occur on March 19. Regarding the district leaderships, Jorge Macri could be the only candidate to become the head of the PRO in the city of Buenos Aires, after presiding over the Buenos Aires section. In the Buenos Aires provincethe names of Ritondo himself are noted, in addition to those of the mayors Guillermo Montenegro (General Pueyrredón) and Soledad Martinez (Vicente López).

Note in progress.-

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