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The Bicameral Commission starts this Thursday

The first meeting of the parliamentary body will take place after the Chamber of Deputies confirmed the 8 deputies this Monday. It will be made up of 3 deputies from Unión por la Patria (UXP), 2 from La Libertad Avanza (LLA), 1 from the PRO, 1 from We Make the Federal Coalition (HCF) and 1 from the Radical Civic Union (UCR).

The designated deputies are: Ana Carolina Gaillard, Vanesa Siley and Ramiro Gutiérrez from UXP, Lisandro Almirón and Oscar Zago from LLA; Hernan Lombardi of the PRO; Nicolas Massot of HCF and Francisco Monti from the UCR.

However, it still remains to define who chairs the commission: according to parliamentary sources, the intention of the ruling party is to elect the senator of Freedom Advances, Juan Carlos Pagotto.

Meanwhile in the Senate, the vice president Victoria Villarruel A month ago he had arranged the formation of that body with three members from UxP and another five from the other political forces: LLA, Radicalism, PRO, Cambio Federal and Unidad Federal.


Victoria Villarruel, president of the Chamber of Senators.

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Milei’s DNU: what are the next steps that will have to be taken in Congress

As next steps, the Commission should submit an opinion that has the signature of the absolute majority of its members to both chambersalso within 10 days. In this opinion, the Bicameral must be issued on the validity or invalidity of the decree and on the formal origin and adaptation to the bases of the delegation and the term set for its exercise.

Once you enter each Chamber, Deputies and Senators They will only have the possibility of approve or reject the DNUthere are no instances of suspensions, additions or any type of modification to the standard. The acceptance or rejection of the decree must have the vote of the absolute majority of the members present.

If both cameras they reject the DNU, this becomes permanently invalid. In any case, in the period that includes the promulgation of the decree until the end of its treatment in Congresswill remain in force as another law.

DNU: the opposition challenged the Government because “it does not have the votes” in the Senate

The senator of Union for the Homeland (UxP) Marcelo Lewandowski He assured this Sunday in radio statements that the president Javier Milei “He is heading to govern by decree” and warned that the ruling party seeks to “block the sessions” for the debate of DNU 70/2023 in the Senate because “it does not have the votes” that would allow its approval,” he said.

After the failure of Government to approve the omnibus law in particular in Deputiesthe opposition demands that it be treated Milei’s mega decree in the Senate. They insist on the formation of the bicameral commission of the DNU and they assured that the non-extension of the extraordinary sessions is a clear sign that the ruling party “does not want” to debate the norm in the Congress.

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