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They warn about an abandoned mansion that is a breeding ground for mosquitoes

February 20, 2024 – 12:25

In the last week there was an exponential increase in dengue cases in the area. Neighbors demand an immediate solution for the mosquito invasion.

The residents of the neighborhood of Belgrano R in the Buenos aires city are concerned about the increase in dengue in the area and the presence of mosquitoes. In the last week it was reported an increase in infections with cases who were even hospitalized. There are two sources of concern: the main one, according to neighbors, is in an abandoned house located on Washington and Echeverria.

This is a property where renovation work began a few years ago and which, due to lack of papers, was stopped by the neighbors. The property was abandoned and for about three years they have pointed out that its pool is the main breeding ground for the mosquito. Meanwhile, another home, uLocated on Enrique Martinez Street It was also pointed out by neighborhood residents.

dengue mosquito


From the commune they assure that they are working in the area, carrying out surveys, but they cannot enter the properties in question without a court order, something that the neighbors have been demanding for a long time. In 2023, the Washington mansion had a closure strip, but that did not serve to eradicate the mosquito.

The latest epidemiological report released yesterday by the Ministry of Health of the Nation, showed a 61% increase in infections in the area that includes the City and Province of Buenos Aires and the provinces of Córdoba, Santa Fe and Entre Ríos. In the City of Buenos Aires, during the first week of February, 713 cases of dengue were reported, of which 81 were indigenous.

Ranking of cases by commune

According to data provided by the City Ministry of Health, the Commune 1 is the one with the most cases, with 100 infections, followed by the communes 4 (84 infections), the 15th (72 infections), the 8 (68 infections), the 11th (62 infections), the 3 (48 infections), the 13th (39 infections), the 12th (35 infections) and the 14th (32 infections).

Since a few days there is a new invasion of mosquitoesbut in principle they correspond to the species Psorophora ciliata, which is not associated with the Aedes aegypti. It is generated by abundant rains in the countryside and the city, which is why they emphasize the need to fumigate outdoor spaces and remove water that accumulates in containers or any other place that can serve as a breeding ground.

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