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I am a ferret that hunts rats

In radio statements, Zago He was consulted about the President’s comments and gave a response in which he reaffirmed his defense of the project and the Government’s ideas.

“I’m not a rat, I’m a ferret. Do you know what a ferret does? It hunts rats.”he expressed this Wednesday Zago in dialogue with Futurock, where he also once again focused on the Chamber of Deputies’ rejection of the omnibus law: “It was a very broad tool that the Executive Branch needed,” he said.

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Milei questioned the politicians again.

“Congress is not a rat’s nest, I consider myself a ferret, who hunts rats” remarked the head of the LLA bench today.

Regarding the rejection of the omnibus law, Zago assured that “retreating the Base Law It does not seem to be feasible, but in the ordinary sessions it is likely that it will be debated by topic, in a more agile way,” he explained.

And he reproached the failure in the agreements with the dialogue spaces that blocked the progress of the megaproject: “We had the votes, that’s why we approved the law in general. There are agreements that were not fulfilled,” he argued. “We cannot understand why they voted negative on some issues, such as security,” he added.

Regarding the debate in the Senate omnibus lawthe LLA deputy was confident and stated that “The omnibus law can be unblocked via governors, especially in the Senate.”

Javier Milei said that Congress is a nest of rats

Last Monday, on his trip to the province of Corrientes, President Javier Milei once again attacked the Legislative Branch with fury, this time from Corrientes. “Politicians don’t see it, they are shit,” said Javier Milei.

This Monday he again questioned the legislators who did not support the bill omnibus law “In the face of their privileges they do not want to give in,” he stated that The National Congress is “a rat’s nest” and when the treatment of this project falls, there will be a delay in Argentina’s growth “of 30 years.”

The president highlighted that “56% of Argentines saw him and woke up,” in reference to those who voted for him in the runoff, but noted that “due to the logic of the electoral system, he still does not have that representation in that rat’s nest that is the Chamber of Deputies or that is the Congress of the Nation“.

“One of the things why The politicians don’t see it and don’t understand what I that we start from different premises: they They start from an assumption where they believe that people love them and I start from the assumption that they are shit and that people despise them.“he noted.

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