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the keys to the decree published by the Government

As advanced Ambit, The Executive Branch moved forward with the deregulation of the health sector linked to unions, one of the points that had been contemplated in the omnibus law and in the mega DNUwith the aim of enabling free choice by users.

The rule will come into force “on the first day of the month following that of its publication in the Official Gazette”, indicates article 5, so The process will begin on the first day of March.

Deregulation of social works: the keys to the Government decree

The presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, announced in his conference yesterday that the Government would launch a series of decrees in order to specify the regulation of the deregulation of social and prepaid works.

In this way, the regulations enable workers to “freely choose” their social or prepaid work when entering a new job, according to the spokesperson.


Through the Decree 170/2024which bears the signatures of President Javier Milei, the Chief of Staff Nicolás Posse and the Minister of Health, Mario Russo, the changes contemplated by DNU 70/2023 were made effective, in its chapter referring to the choice of social and prepaid works for workers.

“He The right to free choice may be exercised by the members of the Health Insurance Agents included in Article 1 of Law No. 23,660. between any of the entities included in said rule, with the exception provided for in article 9″, states article 1, which, it is estimated, will reach more than 14 million workers in a dependency relationship -both from the public and private sectors-, monotributistas and domestic employees, as well as the more than 5 million people that belong to the so-called general system.

Deregulation of social and prepaid works: what are the changes by decree

With the publication this Wednesday of Decree 171/2024the rule allows all members of the organizations detailed in article 1 of Law No. 23,660 to freely choose between the services they offer and those of the prepaid companies.

decree 171/2024 social works

This includes:

  • Union social works;
  • Mixed administration institutes, social works, departments or organizations that have been created by laws of the Nation;
  • The social works of the central administration of the National State and its autonomous and decentralized organizations;
  • The social works of State companies and societies;
  • The social works of management personnel and professional business associations;
  • Social works established by agreement with private or public companies;
  • The social works of civil and military personnel of the Armed Forces, security, Argentine Federal Police, Federal Penitentiary Service and retirees, retirees and pensioners in the same area.

In addition to “free choice”, The decree modifies the “permanence period” of one yearthat Alberto Fernandez had been reinstated through Decree 438/21, and was applicable to the entire universe of affiliates.

“The minimum period of permanence will not be applicable for those beneficiaries who, being affiliated with a Health Insurance Agent, have chosen a Prepaid Medicine Entity as the provider of their medical coverage and it is registered in the Registries established in the subsection. b) of article 5 of Law No. 26,682 and in article 6 of Law No. 23,660. In the latter case, they may exercise the right to free choice towards that same Prepaid Medicine Entity,” states the decree known today.

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