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They disrespected us again

He head of La Fraternidad, Omar Maturano, ratified the continuity of the train stoppage until midnight after failed negotiations with the Government of Javier Milei: “They offered us 12%, they again disrespected us like the CGT.”

The failure of the meeting was confirmed by the general secretary of the Railway Union (UF), Sergio Sasia, who assured that “the Government’s salary proposal was insufficient”within the framework of the joint negotiation with the unions that took place in the Ministry of Labor and reported that “it was moved to an intermediate room” until next Tuesday.

“We are still meeting; we have had an offer that is insufficient, there is good faith to continue negotiating and we spend an intermission quarter for next Tuesday,” Sasia said in statements to the press after the meeting.

Minutes later, Maturano gave a press conference to explain the reasons for the failure of the negotiation and assured that “The Fraternity did not accept the agreement and we remain at the disposal of the Government to continue the dialogue.”

“We are not going to accept increases by decree. This adjustment that the caste was going to pay for is paid by the workers. They lied to us, they disrespect democratic institutions such as unions,” he added in relation to the actions of the national government in the joint negotiations.

The train union responds to the Government

Maturano also responded to the criticism of the presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, who in his usual Government press conference assured that the union “of fraternal members has nothing”.

“The truth is that the presidential answer that blames the previous government for the mosquitoes or the heat wave is incontestable. The problem is when he talks about consequences. It seems to me that he is wrong because the consequences for the workers were always negative,” Maturano replied.

Along the same lines, he pointed out that “if the consequence is to go against an institution like the La Fraternidad union, I think it’s peeing out of the jar.. We are used to this and what they had promised us, what they had told us in their campaigns about freedom, this is not freedom. This seems like it is a monarchy or a dictatorship.”

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The train strike continues until midnight.

Argentine Trains

Increases on the train: the new fares

During the month of Februarywith transport tariff update The minimum train ticket cost $130 (compared to, for example, the $48.38 that previously cost on the Miter Line), while the next section escalated to $169 and the most expensive ticket rose to $208.

The new value of the train trip that governs the lines Mitre, Tren de la Costa, Sarmiento, San Martín, Roca, Belgrano Sur, Urquiza and Belgrano Norte.

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