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The CGT met with the IMF and warned that Javier Milei’s strong adjustment will generate more poverty

Martínez, member of the Board of Directors of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and head of the Argentine union delegation to that global labor bodyanalyzed today with the official of the multilateral credit organization “the worrying socio-economic situation and its impact on labor and production.”

The meeting took place for several hours at the metropolitan headquarters of the IMF, in Paraguay at 1100 in the city of Buenos Aires, and Martínez was the only interlocutor of Gopinath on behalf of the CGT, union sources confirmed to Télam.

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What the representatives of the CGT talked about with the IMF

Martínez gave details of the dialogue they had this Thursday with the number two of the IMF. “It was transmitted to Gopinath the vision of the workers’ central and its concern for the socio-economic reality, its impact on work and productivity. It is necessary that the whole agree with the implementation of a program of stabilization of the economy,” he said.

Martínez, national head of the Construction Workers’ Union (Uocra), said after the meeting that so far there has been only “a fiscal mega adjustment and that there is no Government income policy, which impacts the level of economic activity.”

The union member added that to meet the goals of the IMF it is necessary to generate productive investment policies to produce income and economic growth in general.

“Otherwise, it will not be possible to meet these goals, so The call for a political dialogue table is urgent to debate these issues and reach the necessary consensus in order to implement and implement a true economic stabilization plan. So far only the financial sector has benefitedwhile the weight of the adjustment falls on the labor sectors, the middle class and wage earners in general,” Martínez said.

The CGT denounced a “ferocious fiscal adjustment” by Javier Milei

For the union leader, until now “There is no economic stabilization plan but a strategy of fierce fiscal adjustment that affects the most vulnerable classes (retirees and employees), which will dramatically harm the standard of living of societyproduction and consumption figures and potential economic growth,” he said.

Gopinath arrived in Argentina to hold several meetings that included the president Javier Milei; the chief of staff, Nicholas Posse; the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos and unionists.

“Workers are suffering. Political and social dialogue is required. No political force alone can solve the country’s structural problems. We are experiencing an extreme recession never seen before, which for many sectors is intolerable. Inflation is the tax on poverty “The more it increases, the poorer we are.”Martinez said.

Furthermore, he emphasized that “society is exposed to almost a 60% povertyso the debt is unpayable only with sacrifice, a financial plan and slaps.

Finally, the trade unionist had affirmed the need to consolidate the democratic system, but also “a program for an inclusive country and above all, have an appreciation of what culture, work, development and investment mean.”

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