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the internal situation burns in the Cabinet

Luis Caputo advances inexorably over the other ministries, it absorbs areas and at the same time steps on the funds of its colleagues in the Cabinet. The expansion of the head of the Economy portfolio accompanied by a fierce cut in expenses translates into fiscal surplus but it also has a B side: the enormous management complications for Javier Milei in the other ministries accompanied by a scenario of increasingly widespread social conflict.

The nervous breakdown of Sandra Pettovello It is just a sample of the martyrdom to which Luis Caputo submits, with the support of Javier Milei and Nicolas Posse, to the rest of the ministers. Beyond the financial surplus of the first 80 days of the new President’s administration, Caputo It created a delicate political and social scenario. Qgeneral CGT ring, train strike, strike of health workersprotests of the social movements in addition to salaries and pensions pulverized by the devaluation and the growing inflation of more than 45% accumulated in the first two months of government.

The victims of Luis Caputo

Pettovello was not the only nor the first victim of Caputo in the Cabinet. The first prey of “Toto” was the displaced Guillermo Ferraro.

He barely assumed Minister of Economy, Caputo he scrapped the super ministry that he was going to command Ferraro and absorbed the Secretariats of Energy and Mining. But it also complicated Infrastructure management by hitting the Transportation area with a reduction in subsidies through the elimination of the compensation fund for inland transportation.

In tandem with possethe Minister of Economy stepped on funds and forced Ferraro’s resignation, punctuated by suspicions of leaking information from the secret meetings of Cabinet.

Luis Caputo Press Conference.jpg

Luis Caputo adds presence in the Government.

Photo: Mariano Sánchez – NA.

He was not the only official who suffers from the supervision of the chief of staff who this week worried Pettovello by detailing private meetings and even the destination of your vacation to Punta del Este.

Last night, Caputo denied the versions of friction with Pettovello. The Minister began her management, like Ferraro, at the head of a super ministry that includes Social Development, Work, Health and Education. But in just over two months he ran into his own lack of management experience and the funding cuts applied by Caputo to protect the financial surplus at any cost.

This is how the ranks of hunger spread out in front of his portfolio, earning him a public challenge from the Episcopate for the food emergency and the lack of food delivery to community kitchens.

Pettovello He also suffered with the expulsion of the Cordoban Osvaldo Giordano of ANSES, still without replacement. Secluded, the official who acts as emotional support for Javier Milei He withdrew from management and did not even participate in the meeting of the minimum wage council that was left in charge of Omar Yasin, the Secretary of Labor. Until this morning, the Minister still had no official agenda of activities for the protest with more than 500 cuts that will begin this Friday by social organizations demanding food aid.

However, Pettovello is not the only one who suffers from Caputo. In it Ministry of Interior something similar happens. Guillermo Francos kept the economic relationship with the provinces which was absorbed by Economy and left the political portfolio naked of resources before the governors. Was Caputo also the one who triggered the negotiation started by Franks for the co-participation of COUNTRY tax which led to the failure of the omnibus law.

Caputo centralized the relationship with the governors through cash control for the provinces with a 98% cut in discretionary transfers, the brake on allocations for public works, the removal of subsidies for transportation in the interior and the cut of funds to pay salaries to teachers . A combo of measures that annulled Francos’ bargaining power and blurred him as a political interlocutor vis-à-vis the provinces.

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