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BCRA increased the limits allowed for accreditations

February 23, 2024 – 15:49

The financial regulator increased the limits allowed for crediting into accounts for teenagers.

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This Wednesday the Central Bank (BCRA) updated the limit allowed for carrying out accreditations, both through electronic channels and in cash, for the savings banks for teenagers, which are intended for young people between 13 and 17 years old. She took him to equivalent to three Minimum Living and Mobile Wages (SMNV)when until now it was one.

Through the Official bulletin, The measure was made official through Resolution 4/2024 and applies to all monthly workers who complete the full legal work day included in the Employment Contract Regime by Law No. 20,744 and its amendments, in the Agrarian Work Regime. of the National Public Administration and all entities and organizations of the National State that act as employers.

Thus, the new limit for transfers made to this type of accounts is $540,000 (three minimum salaries). Let us remember that the Government resolved on February 21 that the SMNV becomes $180,000 for February and $202,800 in March.

Accounts for teenagers: what they are

The BCRA measure was ordered through the Communication “A” 7970 , which was published this Thursday, after the board meeting of the monetary regulator. It is worth remembering that These accounts allow teens to access a debit cardwhich the same bank offers for free.

You can pay for purchases, withdraw ATM moneyaccess homebanking, make fixed terms, among other activities.

Likewise, once you reach the age of 18, this account can continue to be used as a personal account or as free labor.

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