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Dengue cases increase and declare a high-risk situation

According to official data, they registered a total of 1,054 probable or confirmed cases. Of the total, 274 do not have immediate travel history and they correspond to all the communes of the City, although predominantly in the central region, which accumulates 64% of them.

Commune 1 (Retiro, San Nicolás, Puerto Madero, San Telmo, Montserrat and Constitución) is the most affected with 155 confirmed cases, which represents a marked increase compared to the previous season, when it registered only four.

The dengue situation is clearly growing in the City of Buenos Aires and in the rest of the country. Citizen prevention and fumigation are essential to limit infections.

However, The Buenos Aires administration faced fumigations but late when the cases were already exploding.

The presidential spokesperson himself, Manuel Adorni, This week he questioned previous governments for not activating fumigation plans against mosquitoes amid the new wave and rise in dengue cases.

dengue mosquito

CABA accumulates more than 1000 cases of dengue in recent weeks.


Dengue commune by commune

Commune 1 is followed by commune 4 (La Boca, Barracas, Parque Patricios and Nueva Pompeya) with 112 cases and the commune 15 (Chacarita, Villa Crespo, La Paternal, Villa Ortúzar, Agronomía and Parque Chas), which went from registering zero cases in the previous season to 111 in the current one.

Meanwhile, in the commune 11 (Villa General Miter, Villa Devoto, Villa del Parque and Villa Santa Rita) 106 cases were reported and another 103 in the 8 (Villa Soldati, Villa Riachuelo and Villa Lugano).

Below in the table, follow the commune 7 (Flores and Parque Chacabuco) with 72 registered cases; the 3 (Balvanera and San Cristóbal) with 60; the 13th (Núñez, Belgrano and Colegiales) with 52; the 12 (Coghlan, Saavedra, Villa Urquiza and Villa Pueyrredón) with 47; the 14th (Palermo) with 45; the 5 (Almagro and Boedo) with 43 cases.

Finally, in the commune 6 (Caballito) 38 cases were reported; in the commune 10 (Villa Real, Monte Castro, Versalles, Floresta, Vélez Sarsfield and Villa Luro) another 38; in the 9 (Liniers, Mataderos and Parque Avellaneda) 28 cases, and in the 2 (Recoleta) 21 were confirmed.

Dengue “is becoming an endemic disease throughout the country,” according to specialists

Cases of dengue confirmed cases increased exponentially in Argentina, going from less than 1,000 to 48,000 if the period July 2022 to February 2023 is compared with the same period from 2023-2024.

Specialists warned that “it is becoming an endemic disease throughout the country,” since Patagonia is the only region free of this condition and noted that last year “It was the first time it was reported in the winter period”in addition to its intensification in the summer season typical for the existence of the Aedes aegypti mosquito.


According to specialists, dengue

According to specialists, dengue “is becoming an endemic disease throughout the country.”


How to take care of mosquitoes and dengue?

Eliminate possible breeding grounds for mosquito eggs, which, according to specialists, should begin in winter:

  • Declutter: avoid all elements that may contain stagnant water (such as old tires, broken logs, unused containers, etc.).
  • Drive properly elements with stagnant water to avoid larvae and pupae, which are evolutionary stages of the mosquito: pot holders (e.g., placing sand in them), plants in water or vases (change the water frequently and brush the container internally), swimming pools (place fish larviphages, such as madrecita, or seals with Bacillus thuringiensis).
  • When the mosquito reaches the adult stage use adulticides (insecticide sprays or coils) during the day, especially at dawn and dusk, and mosquito nets.

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