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Menem and Villarruel agreed to an increase of 29.5%

February 22, 2024 – 23:44

The increase is cumulative and will be divided into 16% corresponding to January and 12% for February.

29.5% increase for all workers in the National Congress. This is how the owner of the Senate, Victoria Villarruel and the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Martín Menemand the measure will impact salaries for January and February.

The increase is cumulative and is made up of a 16 percent corresponding to January and a 12 percent to February. For now, It was not announced whether it will also reach lawmakers.

“By virtue of political responsibility, the signatories of this agreement on behalf of the employing party undertake to grant it based on availability in the budget itemspromoting the necessary proceedings before the presidencies of both Chambers,” states the resolution that provides for the salary increase.

Salary increase in Congress: who agreed to the increase

The Module Value Negotiating Commissionmade up of representatives of the Legislative Branch, issued the document with the resolution with the signature of the Administrative Secretariat of the Senate, Maria Laura Izzo; Parliamentary Prosecretary of the PRO Front Block, Agustín Giustinian.

Also signing as representatives of the legislative branch are the Administrative Secretary, Laura Oriolo; the Secretary General of Congress, Diego Molina Gomez and the Secretary General of the Network of Parliamentary Libraries of Latin America and the Caribbean, Alejandro Santa, according to powers expressly conferred by Villarruel and Menem.

Meanwhile, on the part of Congressional employees, you have the endorsement of the union members of the Legislative Staff Association, Norberto Di Próspero, Fabián Zaccardi and Felipe Sanz; from Claudio Britos, for the State Workers Association; and Martín Roig for the Union of Civil Personnel of the Nation.

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