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The Government canceled more than 22,000 plans for trips abroad

February 23, 2024 – 09:12

The Secretariat of Children, Adolescence and Family, an entity that is under the orbit of the Ministry of Human Capital, detected beneficiaries “who do not match the state of high social and economic vulnerability.”

He Government made official the suspension for three months of the payment of the Empower Work program to 22,501 people due to trips abroad “that are not consistent with the state of high social and economic vulnerability.”

The Secretariat of Children, Adolescents and Familyled by the former mayor of San Miguel, Pablo de la Torre, was the entity in charge of canceling the program for those who do not meet the necessary requirements. The organization indicated three reasons:

  • That a person has made a trip longer than 30 days to any destination
  • May the trip have been by plane or cruise
  • That the destination of the trip has been outside Latin America.

In this context, the secretariat in charge of the Ministry of Human Capital of Sandra Pettovello canceled more than 22,000 plans within the framework of the review process that began during the previous Government of Alberto Fernández, when Victoria Tolosa Paz She was the head of the Ministry of Social Development.

The Fiscal Unit for the Investigation of Crimes related to Social Security (UFISeS) “filed a complaint against the officials responsible for granting and controller of the Potenciar Trabajo Program and requested the suspension or cancellation of social plans beneficiaries who registered trips abroad during the period of validity of its benefit.”

ANSES: how to know if I was terminated from Potenciar Trabajo

To verify the validity of the plan Enhance Workthe beneficiary must:

  • Enter the app My Argentina oa My ANSES.
  • Complete the personal information.
  • Check the amounts receivable corresponding to February if the amount of Enhance Work.


ANSES: how to know if they canceled my Potenciar Trabajo plan. 

ANSES: how to know if they canceled my Potenciar Trabajo plan.

Requirements to collect the Enhance Work

To access the Enhance Work Interested parties must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at risk or state of vulnerability socialor perform in some activity of the popular economy.
  • Be over 18 and under 65 years old.
  • Be Argentinian or foreigner with permanent residence.
  • Legally reside in the country.

Furthermore, the beneficiaries They must participate, at least, in some of the three lines of planned activities:

  • Socio-productive projects.
  • Educational terminality.
  • Socio-labor or socio-community projects.

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