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The Government made official the payment of the $70,000 bonus for ANSES retirees: who will collect it

Through decree 177/2024, the administration of Javier Milei ordered to pay “a pension financial aid” for a maximum amount of $70,000, which will be accompanied by the 27.18% increase in monthly income stipulated by the mobility formula.

Who will collect the bonus for ANSES retirees

In the document published this Friday in the Official bulletin, he Government determined the amount of the bonus that the retired during the month of March, as compensation for the impact of inflation on the assets

According to the decree, the financial aid will be received by “the persons entitled to the contributory pension benefits in charge of the ANSES, granted under Law No. 24,241, its amendments and supplements, of previous general national regimes and its amendments, of repealed special regimes, or by the former Provincial and Municipal Provident Funds or Institutes whose regimes were transferred to the Nation, whose mobility is governed by article 32 of Law No. 24,241 and the benefits of the regime established by Decree No. 160/05.”

Also beneficiaries of the bonus will be “the beneficiaries of the Universal Pension for the Elderly, instituted by Article 13 of Law No. 27,260 and its amendments.”

Finally, the government measure stipulates that the additional amount of $70,000 will receive in March those people “beneficiaries of non-contributory pensions for old age, disability, mothers of SEVEN (7) children or more and other non-contributory pensions and ex-gratia pensions whose payment is is in charge of the ANSES”.

Increase in minimum retirement and bonus of $70,000

The Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo, announced on Wednesday night that the Government was preparing to grant a bonus of $70,000 to the retired who receive their assets in the ANSES and pointed out that the minimum retirement, with the increase of 27.18%, will total almost 205,000 pesos.

With the increase of 27.18%, The minimum gross income will rise from $105,713 to $134,446If to that amount is added the $70,000 bonusthe minimum pension to be collected will be $205,000, while the maximum gross income will go from $711,346 to $904,690.

Javier Milei referred to retirements and justified the adjustment

President Javier Milei referred Thursday night to the retiredjustifying the adjustment to both them and the beneficiaries of the Universal Child Allowance (AUH).

Milei stated: ”We are going to give a bonus to retirees because the formula is horrible. They overturned the basic law and there was the recomposition of retirees. We proposed changing the type of adjustment and imposing some tax so that retirees would not suffer. They say they want to help us, but deep down they are like Grabois, they want me to crash against the wall,” in an interview with TN.

Then, he continued saying that “the problem is that all Argentines became poor,” and that “the age segment that is least poor is the retirees.”

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