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The problem is that there is no money

February 22, 2024 – 9:38 pm

President Javier Milei clarified that they are going to give a bonus to retirees, and regretted the failure of the omnibus law, since “there was the recomposition” for those mentioned.


President Javier Milei referred Thursday night to the retiredjustifying the adjustment to both them and the beneficiaries of the Universal Child Allowance (AUH).

Milei stated: ”We are going to give a bonus to retirees because the formula is horrible. They overturned the basic law and there was the recomposition of retirees. We proposed changing the type of adjustment and imposing some tax so that retirees would not suffer. They say they want to help us, but deep down they are like Grabois, they want me to crash against the wall,” in an interview with TN.

When asked about sending a new law to change the formula, the president expressed: “Yes, but first we are going to have to reach an agreement in terms of what has to do with the basic law.”

Then, he continued saying that “the problem is that all Argentines became poor,” and that “the age segment that is least poor is the retirees.”

Finally, he declared: ”The problem is that there is no money”.

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