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Without resources there is no oil or gas

Since the change of management in the provincial Executives, and despite coming from different political parties, the governors of Patagonia They maintain an articulation to defend a joint agenda. In this framework, they once again claimed Javier Milei by funds owed from the Nation to the regionalthough they focus on the case of the province of Chubutpointing out that “the The Ministry of Economy of the Nation illegally withheld $ 13,500 millionmore than a third of their monthly contribution”.

In a document signed by the governors Gustavo Melella (Land of Fire), Claudio Vidal (Santa Cruz), Ignacio Torres (Chubut), Sergio Ziliotto (The Pampa), Rolando Figueroa (Neuquén) and Alberto Weretilneck (Río Negro) remember that “The provinces are pre-existing to the Nation and they deserve respect. No one can subjugate or extort them. with threats of restriction of public funds that belong to them by their own right.

Governors are not employees of the National Executive Branch nor are they subject to their orders,” the document continues, where they consider that “illegally the national government withheld the funds destined for the Compensation Fund for public transport fares. “They are resources from the fuel tax and have a specific allocation.”

The document concludes by stating that “If the Ministry of Economy does not deliver its resources to Chubut, then Chubut will not deliver its oil and gas. Taking away from a province more than a third of its co-participation is a criminal action that pursues the deliberate objective of making its inhabitants suffer in order to force its government to adopt certain political decisions. It is an extensive and dissolving measure of the federal system. “No governor is going to consent to it.”

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Axel Kicillof, Gerardo Zamora and Martín Llaryora joined the claim

The governors of Santiago del Estero, Buenos Aires and Córdoba They expressed their support for the document issued by the Patagonian leaders. “My total support and solidarity from this Northern Argentina to those expressed by the governors in the document ‘The United Provinces of the South’. The provinces are pre-existing to the Nation. Without federalism there is no country“, public Gerardo Zamora in your X social network account.

By the same way, Axel Kicillof wrote: “Our solidarity with the people of Chubut. All provinces are being subjected to this ‘extortion’ and the cutting of funds. “It is not, as Milei maintains, against the governors but against the people of the provinces.”

Likewise, the words of Martin Llaryora were: “From the heart of Argentina, my solidarity with the federal claim of the Patagonian governors. The country needs dialogue, consensus and respect to get out of this tremendous crisis.”

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Transportation: the Federal Justice of Chubut suspended the removal of subsidies

The Rawson Federal Court granted a self-satisfactory measure, ordering the National Executive Branch to refrain from dictating and/or executing any act that seeks the elimination and/or reduction of the Interior Compensation Fund, aimed at financing the interurban transportation system. The action had been initiated by Ignacio Torres, Governor of the Province of Chubut.

The Ministry of Transportation communicated the decision to reduce the subsidy to borrowing companies of National Jurisdiction “to concentrate help on the users who need it most directly.” Given the impact of the measure, the Governor of Chubut filed a measure aimed at stopping the decision to unilaterally eliminate the Public Transport Compensation Fund.

Judge Hugo Ricardo Sastre interpreted that there are not only federal regulations at stake, because in order to make the compensation fund effective, local law regulations would have been issued, which would even have needed to be ratified by provincial decree, therefore, it would enable its intervention. and not the original jurisdiction of the Court.

For the federal judge, Without the assistance of the National State through the compensation fund for inland transportation, the passenger transportation system is not sustainable.since its operation has been subject to the budget items sent by the National Government for years.

La Rioja and Misiones went to court for the Teacher Incentive Fund

This Friday, both the governor Ricardo Quintela (The Rioja) as Hugo Passalacqua (Missions) turned to the Supreme Court of Justice in claim of National Teacher Incentive Fund and the National Teacher Salary Compensation Programpolicies discontinued by the current administration of the Nation.

“Without a doubt this administrative decision is arbitrary and lacking any legal basisconfiguring a case of unusual institutional gravity by directly contradicting the education law and the budget law of the year 2023 redirected for the current year,” says a statement from the State Prosecutor’s Office of La Riojawhich asks the Court to “interfere and put things in their rightful place, in accordance with the rule of law.”

For his part, the missionary leader advanced with a “request for precautionary measure, demanding immediate collection of funds owed that correspond to Missions” within the framework of laws 25,053 and 26,075. Although the provincial administration guaranteed the payment of December and January salary compensation with its own fundsnow went to court to claim the funds owed.

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