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Ignacio Torres announced that today there will be a meeting with governors to make a decision on the supply of gas and oil

He governor of Chubut, Ignacio Torresgave statements after the intense confrontation last Thursday night against the president Javier Milei and advanced What will happen with the cutoff of supplies to the Nation?: “Today we are going to make a decision”.

In radio statements, the provincial president, who declared “war” on the libertarian president after announcing a possible supply outage in case of not receiving co-participating fundsmade his public defense and renewed his criticism of Javier Milei: “We only ask for respect for the provinces”.

“Irrelevant fights are sought, berretas, to get into the ring people who even want to help, like us, because they believe that in the epic of the fight against a fictitious caste. They have never had the courage to fight seriously, it is what really tickles them. But at some point “People are asking for results.”he added.

Regarding the province’s accounts, the governor explained that Chubut has a primary surplus“we don’t have a cash problem but the financial drowning What is he doing National government is deliberately and extortionate“.

“Not only I supported the measures of this government but I was convinced that this government could be a reformist government that lays the foundations for a different Argentina,” said Torres.

However, he was pessimistic regarding the direction of the Government. “Practically everything goes through a character who does not know Argentina that it’s called Santiago Caputothat He tells the president that he has to fight with the deputieswith the governorswith the mediawith the journalists, with the singers,” he stated. “I “I don’t want a president who promotes violence and hatred.”he added.

Tension between the Nation and the provinces: the letter from the governors

Last Friday, a group of governors of Together for Change They published a document in which they remember that “The provinces are pre-existing to the Nation and they deserve respect. No one can subjugate or extort them. with threats of restriction of public funds that belong to them by their own right.

The document was signed by the governors Gustavo Melella (Land of Fire), Claudio Vidal (Santa Cruz), Ignacio Torres (Chubut), Sergio Ziliotto (The Pampa), Rolando Figueroa (Neuquén) and Alberto Weretilneck (Black river).

The conclusion of the text is an ultimatum to the national government regarding the supply of gas and oil: ““If the Ministry of Economy does not deliver its resources to Chubut, then Chubut will not deliver its oil and gas.”.

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