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Patagonian governors analyze suspending oil production next week

The governors met through a Zoom meeting, where they showed a lot of anger in the middle of the confrontation with the Government. They decided to give a press conference between Monday and Tuesday to sustain support for the province of Chubut. In addition, they are evaluating both cutting off the supply if there is no response, as well as jointly taking parliamentary action.

Participants in the meeting were Ignacio Torresgovernor of Chubut, and his colleagues Albert Weretileckfrom Río Negro; Gustavo Melellafrom Tierra del Fuego; Marcelo Orregofrom Neuquén and Claudio Vidal, from Santa Cruz. The tension only increased after Torres’ threat not to continue delivering oil and gas, something that was supported by his peers.

The governors’ counter-coup will imply a massive judicialization of the funding cuts ordered by the Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo. Provincial sources warned that the complaints would even be directed against officials and the president. During a meeting between Torres and Patagonian leaders this afternoon, both parties also agreed strengthen the “judicialization” strategy.

Axel Kicillof and Martín Llaryora joined the claim of the Patagonian governors against Milei

The governors of the two most populous provinces of Argentina joined the claim of the Patagonian leaders: Axel Kicillof (Buenos Aires) and Martin Llaryora (Cordova) They pointed out against the discontinuation of transfers established by law. Public works, transportation subsidies, co-participation and educational funds were the main complaints against Javier Milei.

Social networks were the channel chosen by the governors to express their solidarity with the province of Chubut, from which they withheld $13.5 billion, more than a third of your monthly contribution. In that framework, Martin Llaryora noted: “From the heart of Argentina, my solidarity with the rfederal proclamation of the Patagonian governors. “The country needs dialogue, consensus and respect to get out of this tremendous crisis.”

For its part, Axel Kicillof published: “Our solidarity with the people of Chubut. All provinces are being subjected to this ‘extortion’ and the cutting of funds. “It is not, as Milei maintains, against the governors but against the people of the provinces.”

The leaders of Santiago del Estero, The Rioja and Catamarca They joined the samples of accompaniment to the document issued by the Patagonian governors in defense of Ignacio Torres. “My total support and solidarity from this Northern Argentina to those expressed by the governors in the document ‘The United Provinces of the South’. The provinces are pre-existing to the Nation. Without federalism there is no country“, published the man from Santiago Gerardo Zamora in your X social network account.

For its part, Ricardo Quintela expressed his “solidarity with Ignacio Torres and with the people of Chubut, who, like The Rioja is suffering unjustly illegal retention of funds that rightfully belong to you and that are established by law. We renew the demand that the Nation urgently unblock the funds unjustly withheld from our province and we remind the president that the cruelty against the governors “It only affects the needs of Argentinians and directly goes against what our National Constitution says and the federalism for which we fight in all provinces.”

Finally, the Catamarcan Raul Jalil remarked that “It is through the Provinces that the Nation was formed and it is their resources that the Nation receives and administers.. Firm dialogue is necessary to find solutions and leave confrontations behind. In Salta we spoke with Minister Franco and we know that we can find common points. The governors know that Argentina is built from unity, solidarity and the equitable effort of each province.”

Ultimatum from Patagonian governors to Javier Milei: without resources there is no oil or gas

In a document signed by the governors Gustavo Melella (Land of Fire), Claudio Vidal (Santa Cruz), Ignacio Torres (Chubut), Sergio Ziliotto (The Pampa), Rolando Figueroa (Neuquén) and Alberto Weretilneck (Río Negro) remember that “The provinces are pre-existing to the Nation and they deserve respect. No one can subjugate or extort them. with threats of restriction of public funds that belong to them by their own right.

Governors are not employees of the National Executive Branch nor are they subject to their orders,” the document continues, where they consider that “illegally the national government withheld the funds destined for the Compensation Fund for public transport fares. “They are resources from the fuel tax and have a specific allocation.”

The document concludes by stating that “If the Ministry of Economy does not deliver its resources to Chubut, then Chubut will not deliver its oil and gas. Taking away from a province more than a third of its co-participation is a criminal action that pursues the deliberate objective of making its inhabitants suffer in order to force its government to adopt certain political decisions. It is an extensive and dissolving measure of the federal system. “No governor is going to consent to it.”


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