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Patricia Bullrich gathers signatures within the PRO to differentiate herself from Ignacio Torres

The conflict began after this Friday Ignacio Torres will threaten not to send even one more barrel of oil if the national government persisted with the retention of co-shareable resources that belong to the province.

Torres accused Javier Milei of unfairly retaining 13,500 million pesos as a result of receipts for an alleged debt that Chubut would have with the Nation and received enormous support from governors throughout the country, including Jorge Macri, head of government of the City of Buenos Aires.

Bullrich seeks support within the PRO to go against Torres

Faced with this scenario, and concerned about the ramification of this tension inside the PRO, Bullrich wrote a document from Washington where accuses Torres of attempting “blackmail” and began collecting signatures from leaders of the party that is increasingly approaching the ruling party.

While Mauricio Macri (who is emerging as the next president of the PRO) silence is maintained, although it is an open secret that accompanies Torres’ claim and the rest of the governors of Together for Change, Bullrich rebels and establishes himself in the rear as the exponent of the most official wing of the yellow party.

In fact, before Torres issued the public ultimatum to the Government, Bullrich met with Torres and tried to make him desist from the action he was going to take on Friday.

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Bullrich targets Torres: the complete document

The document he wrote Bullrich It contains the following paragraphs, according to the text published by the newspaper Infobae:

“The undersigned, leaders and activists of the PRO, We share the 2015-2019 government experience in various ways. The public statements of our main leaders confirm a diagnosis: progressed too slowly and with exaggerated caution and that was paid for with a crisis that prevented the continuity of change. If it were to become a government again, it would be “greater courage and determination is necessary.”

“The parliamentary defeat of the Bases law was a hard blow to our aspirationssince it quickly showed the difficulties that any reform plan and It deprived the national government of the necessary tools to confront the disastrous situation inherited. Our block remained compact, voting in favor of all its articles while suggesting measures and proposing modifications. This is why we attend today with dismay the resistance of many governors to share the fiscal effort necessary for prevent a hyperinflationary crisis “whose main victim would not be the government but the Argentines who inhabit all the provinces.”

“It is necessary to discuss a new framework for co-participation and the distribution of federal resources, as established by our Constitution and has never been fulfilled. Meanwhile, We must all join our efforts for the country to overcome this critical juncture. Aware of our responsibility to support the change that our voters and the majority of Argentines demand We call for sanity to all those who share our vision of a federal country in which each province generates its own resources and is sustainablein which the money printing machine stops financing privileges at the expense of the well-being of Argentines and in which the continuity and respect of the Constitution and the laws, and not blackmail, are the starting point for the resolution of disputes and controversies“.

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