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River let the victory slip away and Boca took a point from Núñez

Pablo Solari and Cristian Medinaboth in the second half, scored the goals in an overflowing Más Monumental, which experienced a party in the run-up to the most important match in Argentine soccer, with a record attendance: 84,567.

With this result, River reached Independiente as the leader of zone A with 13 points. Martín Demichelis’ team has three consecutive draws. Meanwhile, Boca (10), which had just lost to Lanús, remains outside the qualification zone for the next phase.

Equality was the right result in Núñez. So much River as Mouth They had chances to win the Superclásico, although the final feeling was that Núñez’s club wasted the opportunity at a key moment in the match.

River took the initiative in the first half with attacking pressure and tried to play a dizzying game against a Mouth cautious.

A few minutes later, a prepared play by River on a stopped ball it ended in the save of Sergio Romero against the attempt to Andres Herrera.

Facundo Colidio started as the starting “9”, demanded the defense of Mouth and created the clearest situation at 22 minutes with a shot against the post. The former Tigre made a self-pass that snubbed Luis Advíncula and he was one-on-one with Sergio Romero, but he was not accurate in the definition.

Embed – RIVER 1 – 1 BOCA I Match summary I #CopaSurFinanzas 2024

Despite its ups and downs, collidium It was one of the best in attack on a dimly lit afternoon for Esequiel Barco and Nacho Fernández.

River had possession, but was losing intensity in attack. Mouth It grew as Medina had more contact with the ball and balanced the game.

The team of Demichelis He lived a moment of anxiety because Rodrigo Villagra, in a good debut, was outnumbered by the Boca midfielders and in addition, Nacho Fernández and Enzo Díaz showed inaccuracies that were not taken advantage of in a timely manner by the Xeneize attack.

The Chilean Paulo Diaz held to River in those moments with effective advances against the disconnected Edinson Cavani and Miguel Merentiel.

In the first minutes of the second half, River opened the scoring with Solari’s goal. Enzo Diaz He threw the long pass, against a badly stopped Boca, and the former Colo Colo faced the goal with speed. “Chiquito” Romero was able to block the first shot, but he couldn’t on the rebound.

The goal revitalized River, which showed a good game under the leadership of Villagra and more participation of the “Devil” Echeverri, of lazy Super classic, in the face of the kid’s indecisions Jabel Saralegui and Equi Fernández.

A yellow card conditioned Herrera and the Uruguayan Agustín Sant’Anna replaced him. Shortly after, in that sector, an overflow by Lautaro Blanco led to the tie with the precise center for Medina, one of the figures on the field along with Paulo Díaz.

Mouth grew from there and White, that in the first time he was very attentive to Solari, worried more than necessary Sant’Anna.

Demichelis decided to enter Miguel Borjawho was in doubt this week due to a muscle injury, and “Colibrí” had a great chance with a header that Rosemary detour. “Chiquito”, in the same action, recovered to deflect the shot of Sant’Anna.

The nerves played a different game, especially in the River players due to the impatience of their people, who felt the impact of Boca’s equality.

In the last 15 minutes, River and BocaDue to the changes in their coaches, they played all or nothing. The midfield had no owner and the game entered the zone of definition due to details.

At 39, collidium touched the ball over the crossbar after the center Sant’Anna and a minute later, through an error, he generated the counter of Mouth. Merentiel He was unable to deflect Blanco’s sharp, low cross that would have made it 2-1.

The last one was for River with the youth’s attempt Mastantuono, in a counter-proposal by Collidium.

The ending had a certain disappointment for River, especially for his fans, and Mouth, who finished with more experienced players, retired more calmly, with an outline of recovery after the defeat against Lanús.

On the next date, River will visit Talleres de Córdoba and Boca will be home against Belgrano.

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