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Germán Martínez targeted Milei and accused him of overwhelming Congress and the provinces

February 26, 2024 – 18:53

The Unión por la Patria deputy criticized the President’s new economic measures and stressed that it is “prohibited” to eliminate the fiscal fund for the province of Buenos Aires.

As the tension between National government and the provincesthe head of the bloc of deputies of Union for the Homeland, German Martinezcrossed the president Javier Milei for the latest economic measures that he promoted and accused him of “overwhelm” Congress, the provinces and the workers.

In a publication on his social networks, the legislator said: “Today’s Official Gazette: you can summarize what Milei is.”

“AVASALLS THE CONGRESS, with DNU in criminal matters (prohibited by the CN) AVASALLS THE PROVINCES, eliminating the fiscal fund province of Bs. As. IT AVASALS WORKERS, preventing them from collecting family allowances,” Martínez concluded.

German Martínez supported Kicillof and targeted Javier Milei

Martínez’s criticisms come in a critical political context for the National government After the decision to eliminate the Fund for the Fiscal Strengthening of the Province of Buenos Aires as part of the measures that seek to “advance in the elimination of political privileges”, and that directly affects the provincial government of Axel Kicillof.

Another of Martínez’s criticisms was the implementation of the Accusatory Procedural Code, sanctioned in 2014, which attributes the mission of investigating to prosecutors and reduces the role of judges to controlling the guarantees in the processing of the case. The decree of the libertarian administration takes away from a Bicameral Commission created for the implementation of the new code the power to establish the implementation schedule of the new system, which today is applied in only some provinces.

Finally, the opposition legislator referred to the decree 194/2024 in which the Government reduced the income limit of Law 27,160 of Family Allowances that went from $1,980,000 to $1,077,403; the maximum family limit went from $3,960,000 to $2,154,806.

Kicillof will sue before the Court the cut of funds to the province of Buenos Aires

The governor Axel Kicillof confirmed that will denounce before the Supreme Court of Justice the elimination of Fund for the Fiscal Strengthening of the Province of Buenos Aires ordered by the government Javier Milei.

The blow to that fund that allocated to the district a percentage of additional co-shareable resources that the city of Buenos Aires received for the transfer of the Federal Police, it occurs days after the escalation of tension that on Friday featured the Chubut native Ignacio Torresof the PREO, who threatens to cut off hydrocarbon shipments if the Casa Rosada maintains the suffocation by withholding shipments of shared resources.

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