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Javier Milei returned to the country in the midst of his open conflict with governors

President Javier MileiHe arrived in the country this morning from the American city of Washington, where on Saturday he gave a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). His arrival takes place within the framework of the conflict that he maintains with governors.

The plane carrying the President landed around 8:30 at the “Ministro Pistarini” international airport, in Ezeiza, and from there Milei will go to the Olivos residence. Upon arriving in the country, the Head of State published on his social network account

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During the CPAC, Milei had a brief meeting with the former president donald trumpwho is running again for the presidency of the United States for the Republican Party and whom he greeted with a hug.


Javier Milei assured today that “Argentina of waste is over” and criticized the governors who “do not want to make the adjustment” in the provincial accounts when “they have to adjust one point of the GDP.”

In an interview with La Nación+, the President maintained that the governors “do not want to make the adjustment” because “they do not want to give up their caste privileges”, contrasting that, on the other hand, the national government has already “achieved balance in the Treasury “.

The governor of Chubut, Ignacio “Nacho” Torres, threatened to stop delivering oil and gas to the rest of the country if that province does not receive the resources that, in his opinion, correspond to it by law. In the midst of his dispute with the Casa Rosada, the official obtained massive support from the political circle in general, including his Buenos Aires colleague, Axel Kicillof, although he also became the target of acid criticism from conspicuous libertarian users on social networks.

Several of those comments were republished in X by the president Javier Milei, who in the last few hours traveled to the United States to attend a summit of conservative leaders in that country, where he met with former president Donald Trump, recently convicted there of fraud. “The national government illegally withheld $13.5 billion from us in February, it is more than a third of our monthly contribution,” ranted Torres, who also recommended to the founder of La Libertad Avanza and his closest advisors to tweet less and manage more. “On Twitter they are very handsome, they fight with Lali (Espósito), but they don’t fight against the mafias, against drug trafficking,” he insisted.

The Government explained that Chubut contracted a debt with the Provincial Development Trust Fund that it promised to pay with co-participable resources and that for this reason it was credited with less money. The Nation considered that it is time for that district to begin to settle its accumulated liabilities, while “Nacho” Torres questioned that decision, as well as the position of “permanent conflict” that, in his opinion, Milei has promoted since he took office as President last December 10.

New blow to the governors: Government eliminates the Fund for the Fiscal Strengthening of Buenos Aires

While moving forward with the liquefaction of public spending, the government of Javier Milei applies the chainsaw on the State organization chart. Through two decrees, this Monday he ordered the elimination of the Fund for the Fiscal Strengthening of the Province of Buenos Aires and also, ordered to modify the COUNTRY Tax to reduce to a minimum the distribution that the Socio-Urban Integration Fund (FISU).

Tonight, the Executive Branch published in the Official Gazette the decree 192/2024 which repeals article 4 of Decree No. 735 of September 9, 2020 through which the Government of Alberto Fernández created the fund for the strengthening of Buenos Aires with resources obtained from the review of the amounts granted to the City for the transfer of Security.

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