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Argentine and LATAM airlines cancel flights

Within hours of the start of aeronautical strike, Argentinian airlines and LATAM announced the suspension of flights for this Wednesday, February 28 due to lack of personnel. The 24-hour measure is in demand of a salary recomposition higher than the 12% offered by companies in the sector.

Aerolíneas Argentinas announced that 311 flights will be suspended due to the measure, which will affect around 24 thousand passengers: 18 thousand domestic flights, 3 thousand regional destinations and another 3 thousand international flights. In addition, they reported that 10 thousand passengers had already made voluntary changes in recent days.

In cabotage 305 flights will be modifiedwhile in regional they will be 24 and internationally, 2 flights will have changes. The cost of this measure on the company’s operating results will be around $2 million.

“We deeply regret the inconvenience that this measure will cause to our passengers. We will continue working to offer a quality service“, maintaining operational safety as the main priority,” the national airline said in a statement.

In addition, they asked passengers “not to go to the airports or branches during that day since there will be no in-person assistance from airline personnel.” Alternatively, they suggested those who had flights scheduled for this date to “keep an eye on email notifications.”

On the part of LATAM, they confirmed that they canceled all operations to and from Argentina throughout the day on Wednesday. They clarified to passengers affected by this context that they may request date or flight changes or money refunds. To carry out any of these operations you must enter the airline’s site.


Aeronautics strike: when does it start and which flights does it affect?

Starting at zero hours, aeronautical workers will begin with a measure of force for 24 hours to demand a salary recomposition greater than 12% offered by companies in the sector.

“Given the intransigence adopted by Aerolíneas Argentinas and Intercargo, the aeronautical unions APA, APLA and UPSA communicate that, For reasons beyond our control, we are forced to declare a total stoppage of activities for 24 hours.“the unions stated in a joint statement.

“The guideline offered only deepens the loss of purchasing power registered in the current parity period”, stated the unions of the sector, which at the same time indicated that this percentage would lead “to a unsustainable salary gap of 70% with respect to the registered inflation”.

The workers pointed out that the announcement of the force measure that would begin this midnight was made with advance to allow companies “take the necessary precautions” so as not to affect users. In that sense, they transferred to the authorities the responsibility for “the inconveniences that may arise“.

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