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Axel Kicillof said that Javier Milei wants to unite the provinces and that the adjustment is not for the caste, it is for the people

The governor of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, accused the president Javier Milei of wanting “melt the provinces” and pointed out that the resources that the Nation cut They do not affect “caste, nor politics, but the people of Buenos Aires.”

From Quequén, the head of the Buenos Aires Executive Branch pointed out that the national administration is carrying out a plan to “abandon” society and pointed out that the national State “is erased” from its responsibilities.

“What they do abandonment policieswhich some insist on calling freedom, is make them fix themselves as they can. The result is that some do well or at least sustain (their activity), and others remain on the side of the road,” he noted. Kicillof.

Axel Kicillof on the cut of funds: “It is illegal”

In that sense, the governor referred to the elimination of funds that were destined for the province it leads to, which considered that “It is illegal” and pointed out that with this Instead of harming “a governor or a political fund” what they achieve “is to affect Buenos Aires society.”

“We saw cuts in funds that are not discretionary, they are illegal. They think they hurt a governor or a political fund,” but instead he pointed out that the elimination of the items affects citizens’ income.

The Buenos Aires president spoke of the impact of the elimination by decree of the Fiscal Strengthening Fund, the adjustment in discretionary transfers and the suspension of the sending of resources from the Teacher Incentive Fund, measures taken by the government of Milei.

The cut in funds, Kicillof said, will impact the investment that the province is carrying out in terms of security. “At the time of (María Eugenia) Vidal, police salaries had fallen by 30%. We set out to rebuild it and that requires investment,” he said, adding that the Strengthening Fund allowed them “to go from 900 destroyed patrol cars to the purchase of more than 5,200 patrol cars. We replaced all of them with 0km cars.

The governor added that the money received by the Province “is neither for the caste, nor a fund” but rather “for the people of the province”, so the adjustment will fall on the citizens.

Likewise, he highlighted that the importance of Teacher Incentive Fund (“It was a salary booster for teachers”), as well as the Transportation Fund (“It was for people’s tickets”). “Stop lying and talking, you are doing a lot of damage with these policies,” she said.

Kicillof will collect an advance from Gross Income due to the cut in Nation funds

This Wednesday it was learned that The Buenos Aires government will charge an additional advance of Gross Income to “large taxpayers with activity in concentrated areas of the economy” to counteract funding cuts from the national Executive.

According to ARBA Regulatory Resolution 11/24, published in the Official Gazette of the province of Buenos Aires, this additional advance covers those companies that concurrently meet two requirements: having the character of large taxpayers, given their level of operating income, and develop an activity that corresponds to a market with a high degree of concentration.

The decision is part of the resource review scheme carried out by the government as a result of the cuts in discretionary transfers, in the Teacher Incentive Fund and the elimination of the Fiscal Strengthening Fund, arranged by Milei.

In this context, the Kicillof government is making different claims to the national administration for the reimbursement of said funds and the review of the co-participation scheme, with the Province of Buenos Aires being the one that contributes the most and the one that receives the least in terms of its tax mass.

Last night, the governor of Chubut, Ignacio Torres, expressed in favor of reviewing the co-participation system implemented in the reform of the Constitution in 1994 and stated that the claim of the province of Buenos Aires, which carries out Axel Kicillof, “It is logical”. “It is the most affected province”said.

towerswho this Tuesday spoke at a press conference after the ruling in favor of Chubut in the dispute with Nación, considered that the claim for co-participating funds “it is not a partisan debate” but rather it is a discussion about the resources of the citizens of the provinces.

In dialogue with the program Minute One of C5N, The Patagonian governor considered that his province’s proposal is “the same claim that the most affected province can make in terms of federal co-participatory property, which is Buenos Aires” and stated that, specifically, “It is a claim that Kicillof makes.”

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