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Due to fear of rising prices, the sale of real estate in CABA grows

He real-estate market is going through a situation of change. In the last 4 years the prices They went down and only now began to glimpse a slight recovery. In addition, the repeal of the rental law also modified the map, since a large part of the supply returned to rental and decompressed the stock that was for sale.

According to experts, for those who have Dollars saved, the time to invest is now, thus ensuring prices that will soon no longer be seen.

Properties for sale with prices from 10 years ago

“We are selling at prices from 10 or 12 years ago. Many people who have the Dollars saved, he perceives this, he knows that prices are not going to go down any further, that the plateau is over and that they will go up in the future,” explained Gabriel Brodsky, CEO of Predial. “It is time to buy bricks at a very good price,” he stated.

The recovery of price of the properties is going to be slow, but it is going to happen. Therefore, it is anticipated that it will be a semester of purchase decisions and decisions, for those who already have the capital.

“After more than 4 years of sustained falls in pricesthey managed to stabilize in the last quarter, thus putting an end to the longest crisis in the history of the real estate. Property values ​​in the City of Buenos Aires had suffered drops of between 30% and 45% since 2018, depending on the neighborhoods. This constitutes a real and concrete opportunity for those who have dollars saved waiting to invest in real estate, since they would be entering at floor values,” explained Facundo Soldati, partner at Soldati Properties. “Although it is estimated that 60% of the current offer is outside market values, there is a significant portion of properties that represent an excellent opportunity to make a purchase validating historical lows,” added the specialist.

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It is a good time to purchase real estate, analysts say, for those who have the dollars saved.


Increase in writes

The total number of deeds of sale of estate In the City of Buenos Aires, in the first month of 2024, it registered an increase of 1.8% compared to the level of a year ago, adding 1,882 records, while the total amount of transactions carried out increased by 244.4%, with $143,030 million. Compared to December 2023, acts decreased by 58.7% (4,560 deeds). But, we must keep in mind that summer is always a time of fewer transactions and that the lack of credits does not help either.

What the demand for real estate is looking for

As for the options that are moving, properties in well are well seen. Also the large apartments. “Many people began to make purchasing decisions. It is the last train to buy at good prices. There is a significant concentration in sales of 3 and 4 rooms, of people who wanted to take the leap,” Brodsky concluded.

“Although the outlook is encouraging, it is still premature to talk about a price increase. For the moment, we can confirm a stabilization of values ​​after almost 5 years of sustained decline. Values ​​have a lot to recover,” said Soldati.

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