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Financial dollars did not stop the slide and the CCL is on its way to its biggest monthly drop in a decade

February 28, 2024 – 18:31

Financial dollars continue to decline and were at their lowest values ​​at the beginning of the year.


In that framework, the CCL dollar lost $15.17 (-1.4%) until $1,073.35, and the spread was positioned in the 27.5%.

For his part, the MEP fell $13.70 (-1.3%) until $1,031.25. In this way, the gap with the officer he was located in a 22.5%.

Thus, both types of exchange operate in lows since the beginning of the year and they hover around the value of Dolar bluewhich was listed in the $1,045, by giving up $25, according to a survey Ambit in the caves of the City.

“Although it depends on the paper, it is the largest monthly drop since February 2014, when it fell 16.5%. Now we are down 16.2% measured with the action of Galicia,” explained the economist Salvador Vitelli.

dollar ccl.jpeg

How much was the official dollar quoted at today, Wednesday, February 28

In the official exchange market, the wholesale dollar reached the $841.70 by increasing 60 cents compared to Tuesday’s close.

How much did the blue dollar operate at today, Wednesday, February 28

He Dolar blue was negotiated to $1,015 for the buys already $1,045 for the sale after falling $5, according to a survey Ambit in the caves of the City.

Price of the dollar card today, Wednesday, February 28

He dollar card or touristand the dollar savings (either solidary) marked the $1,376.80 after rising 80 cents this Wednesday.

Quote of the crypto dollar today, Wednesday, February 28

He crypto dollar or Bitcoin dollar operates at $1,057according to Bitso.

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