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I am going to move forward with laws or with DNU

Javier Milei He seemed confident about the economic and political course of his Government before the deputies nationals of Freedom Advances. The President gathered his national legislators ahead of the opening of Friday’s ordinary sessions before the Legislative Assembly to ratify the path and request parliamentary support from his bloc.

“The President is determined to move forward, through laws or DNU,” warned when asked Ambit one of the deputies who was received by Milei. On Friday, the LLA bench will meet with the chief of staff, Nicolas Posse at 12:30 in Casa Rosada, hours before the opening speech of Javier Milei’s sessions, whose main strategic lines were in charge of Santiago Caputo.

At the meeting, attempts were also made to cauterize the internal wounds of the La Libertad Avanza bloc after the fall of the omnibus law due to difficulties in communication and political coordination between the legislators and their head of the caucus. Oscar Zago. It is that a sector of the deputies who belong to the more “dialogue” wing question Zago’s leadership style and refer more to Martín Menem and the political table that he heads. Guillermo Francosboth present at today’s meeting at Casa Rosada.

The Government considers that Javier Milei won the battle against the Patagonian Governors by standing up against the threat of cutting off the gas and oil supply formulated by Igancio Torres (Chubut) and the Patagonian leaders. “A declaration of war was expected yesterday in the Senate and the governors were seen hitting a major brake. “They settled the issue in just 24 hours,” said one of the national deputies of LLA who was received today by the President.

The conflict between Milei and the governors is economic. It’s not political. The provincial leaders of the PRO agree conceptually regarding fiscal discipline. “There are adjustments that are good,” Torres explained yesterday in the Senate. Another governor, Rogelio Frigerio (Entre Ríos), expressed himself in a similar way by supporting the cutting of expenses in the provinces but insisting that “all resources are shared.”

The optimism of Javier Milei

During the meeting with the pro-government deputies, Milei made a speech focused on economic aspects of his management and on “the good expectations about the economy that is growing month by month”, said one of the participants. The meeting was held from 10:30 to 12:10 in the North Room, on the first floor of the Government House. “It was an informational meeting. People support us, they don’t eat glass. The Government is complying with what it said in the campaign, people see that the adjustment is about politics,” said the deputy. Lilia Lemoine, in statements to the press at the door of the Casa Rosada, after the meeting.

Another of the libertarian legislatorsBertie Benegas Lynch, told the press that his bloc had “dialogue to prune almost half” of the articles of the “Bases” law, which was left on a clean slate when it went to committee in the Chamber of Deputies. “That is the dialogue, that we are all looking in the right direction in the face of the Kirchnerist shipwreck. If the consensus is the negotiation for privileges and continuing with the same, Javier and no one who is in La Libertad Avanza got into politics for this,” he added.

Milei will give a frontal speech this Friday focused on the audit of State expenses where he will expose alleged irregularities of, at least, the previous administration. The damn inheritance will be present again but focused on public spending rather than on social or macroeconomic indicators. He will also put the magnifying glass on the spending of the provinces to redouble his confrontation with the governors. And, among the deputies of La Libertad Avanza, they did not rule out that there is some additional “folder.”

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