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Javier Milei will meet with deputies from La Libertad Avanza to discuss the future of the omnibus law

“Tomorrow we have a meeting with the President, the entire block. We haven’t seen him since a week before the law fell”Zago said in an interview for the YouTube channel Neura Media.

The libertarian deputy announced that The meeting will take place at 10 tomorrowwhere “surely we are going to have a advance of what the Executive wantshow do you want to start re-treating that Bases law that was archived with the 664 articles.”

“Tomorrow the President will surely give us an overview,” Zago predicted. about the future of the project, one of the pillars of the Executive Branch that shipwrecked in the chamber Deputies due to lack of political consensus.

Deputies will debate with Javier Milei the future of the omnibus law

On February 6, the Javier Milei’s government suffered a severe setback in Congress when it had to adjourn in which the omnibus lawafter key points of the legislation were rejected.

In this way, the mega project of the Executive Branch returned to committee, being the first time in the history of the Chamber that a text approved in general returns to a clean slate.

Zago himself stated at the time that he was unaware that the project’s return to commission meant its return to a clean slate. “Not all back, because we already have a vote in generalso what comes back to committee is to deal with some articles and chapters that a lot of deputies promised to accompany and now they are in doubt”said Zago, immediately after the session ended.

However, hours later he became aware of the chamber’s regulations that required the entire project to be discussed again in committee. “It goes back to the commission and, from the commission, it is returned and the new opinion. The new opinion will go to parliamentary workand the parliamentarian will call the session,” said Zago, hours later in statements to the LN+ channel.

Now him Government analyzes the convenience of resuming the debate of the project, or at least of the most important articles, in Congress, or if failing that, it decides to advance by decree with the elimination of laws and the sanction of new regulations.

Javier Milei will open the ordinary sessions of Congress on Friday at 9 p.m.

During the meeting this Wednesday morning, the deputies will also learn about the main points of the speech that the president will give on March 1 at the opening of ordinary sessions of Congress. “We are going to have more advanced everything that the President wants for Friday at 9 p.m.,” Zago said.

Milei called for the opening of a new period of ordinary sessions of the National Congress for this Friday, March 1, at 9 p.m., as published in the Official Gazette.

Regarding the schedule, Zago pointed out that “The President wants all Argentines to see the speech, which will surely have some news.”

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