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Patricia Bullrich deployed anti-picket protocol due to the strike of aeronautical workers

The Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, renewed his criticism of unionism within the framework of the aeronautical workers’ strike that is taking place this Wednesday. The official reported that ordered to deploy the anti-picket protocol against the unions that protest and block airport access: “The Argentina of tightening is over,” he expressed from his social network account X (formerly Twitter).

Bullrich’s statements this morning add to what he said about Chubut, by using unfortunate expressions in reference to the Patagonian province, which is going through a tense conflict with the Government over the withdrawal of co-participation funds.


Aeronautics strike: Patricia Bullrich ordered the deployment of the anti-picket protocol

The union measure affects flights and will be for 24 hours. For this reason, the Minister of Security came out to ratify her “fight” against “the pressures” of those workers who demand salaries at airports throughout the country.

“Those who believe they are owners of the street tried to block the entrance to Aeroparque. I gave the express order so that, through the PSA, free circulation would be maintained in all the country’s airports, and it is already happening,” Bullrich wrote today in the networks.

And he added: “The Argentina of tightening is over. We are not going to take even a step back with those who intend to stop Argentina,” he concluded, in his message against the protests over the strike of aeronautical workers.

Patricia Bullrich’s unfortunate phrase: “No one lives in Chubut, there are a million guanacos”

While the conflict between Casa Rosada and the governors continues, which continues in Justice, the Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich uttered a phrase that is far from easing tensions. “No one lives in Chubut, there are a million guanacos”He snapped, seeking to undermine the governor’s position. Ignacio Torresa member of the PRO, a party that the official still presides over.

The head of the Social Security and Labor portfolios during the Fernando de la Rúa government reviewed part of the economic activities of the Patagonian district. “It is very important, if it is ua province that lives from fishing, from oil, that does not live from mining because the law was voted and then they backed down, but it could do it because it has a silver deposit and from the coast to the mountains it has all kinds of minerals“she remarked, invited by The Nation +.

“And no one lives, only a million guanacos live”he concluded, in an attempt to devalue the province’s assets.

Asked about her close relationship with Torres during the campaign, Bullrich clarified that “One thing is a governor who raises things within the framework of the law and another is someone who is going to cut off your oil”.

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