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We cannot continue providing resources to a Government that ends up transferring them to the AMBA

The Santa Fe governor maintained, regarding the conference, that “it must be the scope where we agree on public policies that generate employment and economic growth.”

The work meeting had as its axes the stock projection to develop competitive logistics for the Region, value chains and export promotion. The item of circular economy as a growth paradigm, thus adding value and role of the renewable energy in the new production schemes.

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“We cannot continue providing resources to a central government that He ends up always pouring it into the AMBAin government programs that have to do with subsidies, with social plans, and there is no development perspective for the interior,” said the Santa Fe president.

According to Frigerio, “there is no way out for Argentina and for our region if we do not promote policies from the State that encourage private activity.”

During the meeting, Governor Pullaro stated that “it is very important start thinking about common policiesassociativism, coordination, and public policies that allow us develop and get to the depths of the topics that are important “at a very difficult time in the Argentine Republic.”

Likewise, he expressed his conviction that “the model that has to come for the country It has to be a model of productive developmentwhere the field, industry, commerce, science, technology, the role of universities, innovation and investment are directly focused on what has to be something fundamental, which is the economic growth and job creation.”

In turn, Frigerio stated that “We agree and propose permanently that there is no way out for Argentina and for our region if not we drive from the State policies that promote private activity”, and highlighted that “these meetings that we have been having linked to the productive sector also have to show another side of politics: that of politicians working together every day so that people can live better, and that politics serves to solve specific problems. of the citizen”.

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Unity of thought

“We believe in this, in this unity of thought and work that we have formed and that we will continue to push every day every year a little more, to make the Central Region a development polethe most important region of the country, the region that promotes the economic and social development of Argentines,” said Frigerio.

Finally, the president of Entre Ríos Central Region Entity, Jorge Chemesindicated that “we are looking for lines that generate development and growth according to three provinces that have a predominant place in our country, that generate a production that is the majority in Argentina, and that we must promote.”

“And that is what we are aiming for in the Central Region. That is what we are going to do to form an agenda that responds to the needs of this very important sector,” Chemes closed.

The meeting was also attended by the undersecretary of the Central Region of the province of Santa Fe, Claudia Giaccone; the Minister of Productive Development, Gustavo Puccini; and the Secretary of Regional Integration and International Relations of Córdoba, Carlos Massei, among others.

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