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Cristian Ritondo referred to a possible agreement between PRO and LLA in Congress

After his lunch this Wednesday with President Javier Milei and in the preview of what will be the first opening of ordinary sessions for the libertarianRitondo considered that the party created by former president Mauricio Macri must “maintain its identity.”

In radio statements, the PRO representative in Deputies denied having discussed the possibility of a parliamentary alliance during his last meeting with the libertarian president: “We have not spoken with the president (Javier Milei about the possibility of an interbloc). It seems to me that LLA and the PRO are working comfortably. We have to maintain our identity.”

In relation to the role of the two benches, the leader pointed out that “there are two political forces of change that have been working well.”

Ritondo, furthermore, pointed out the poor functioning of Together for Change (JxC) as an interblock and targeted the rest of the forces that made up the legislative unit. “We come from an experience of an interblock that sat down to provide a quorum when the position of the block was the opposite,” he noted.


Cristian Ritondo had lunch with Javier Milei prior to the opening of ordinary sessions.


Javier Milei-Cristian Ritondo lunch: the Government consolidates parliamentary merger with the PRO

This Wednesday, Ritondo He had lunch with the Head of State after the meeting of the bloc of libertarian deputies in Casa Rosada.

Changemite sources revealed to Ambit that Milei called Ritondo on Tuesday to invite him to lunch “for no particular topic.” The truth is that the meeting takes place at a time of confrontation within the PRO due to the position that its leaders adopted within the framework of the conflict between the Nation and the province of Chubut.

In this context, while the photo between the president and the former president increasingly cools Mauricio Macrithe rapprochement of the last few hours between Ritondo and Milei raises the possibility of a merger between the libertarian bloc and the PRO, at a time when the ruling party is determined to advance “in little pieces” with the failed omnibus law.

“We have the historic opportunity to make the rapid and profound changes that Argentina needs to become a normal country again. The time is now”a smiling Ritondo published on his X social network account with Milei, after the meeting in the presidential office.

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