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Javier Milei said that he does not need Congress to save the economy

He president Javier Milei gave statements for him international newspaper Financial Times and, given the rejection of the omnibus law and a possible failure of the Decree 70/23assured that he does not need Congress to save the Argentine economy: “I am doing what the books say I should do.”

In his statements, the libertarian president was consulted about a possible social uprising and responded: “There is zero chance of a social uprisingunless there is a politically motivated event or (one involving) foreign infiltrators.”

“Leftist governments work together to try to sabotage those who are not like them,” he said, referring to Cuban and Venezuelan activists who, according to Milei, participated in the latest protests. “disguised as photographers”.

The President once again mentioned the possibility of lifting the restrictions by the middle of the year and assured that the measure has the support of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), after his meeting with Gita Gopinath. “Once it is clean, we plan to lift exchange controls. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates that we could do it in the middle of this year,” he assured.


Javier Milei spoke to the Financial Times after his tour in the United States.

Javier Milei prepares more than 3,000 renovations

The failure of the omnibus law in the Chamber of Deputies and a possible rejection of DNU 70/23 in the Senators does not stop him: according to Milei, the Government is ready “to return all the reforms after December 11, 2025. We sent a thousand, but we still have 3000 more to present”.

He also indicated that a third of the reforms of the omnibus law are included in the Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU) that is currently being analyzed by the Bicameral Commission in the Upper House.

The remove from the stocksMilei insists, is a key factor for the Government of La Libertad Avanza (LLA) in the face of the legislative elections of 2025. “That could be the take-off point so that next year Argentina is growing strongly, solidly, sustainable and with low inflation,” he noted in his statements to the Financial Times.

“The word that best represents this government is hope. Why would that be risky, when I’m doing exactly what the textbooks say I should do?“, he assured when asked about the economic adjustment policy in just two months of Government.

Javier Milei’s DNU: they reject a request for Justice to order Congress to treat him “immediately”

He judge in federal Administrative Litigation Enrique Alonso Reguera rejected the claim presented by the lawyer Andrés Gil Domínguez so that the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of the Nation were ordered to focus on the “express and immediate treatment” of the Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU) 70/23 of economic deregulation.

The magistrate concluded that the constitutionalistwhich initiated the lawsuit by virtue of the provisions of articles 19 and 20 of law 26,122 on political control after the issuance of the DNU, lacked “legitimation” to formulate that claim against the national State.

The judge noted that the self-fulfilling actions like the one presented by Gil Dominguez “constitute remedies that should only be granted in exceptional casesas they imply the issuance of a non-provisional decision without the intervention of the opposing (party).

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