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Javier Milei stayed in Olivos to prepare his opening speech for ordinary sessions

Report by Liliana Franco

However, different ministers arrived this Thursday to Pink House to hold “meetings on specific topics” linked to management.

Ministers Patricia Bullrich (Security); Mario Russo (Health); Guillermo Francos (Defense); Diana Mondino (Foreign Relations) and Luis Petri had entered the Government House before 8:30, the scheduled time for the meeting with the President. The only one who was not yet there when Milei’s decision was known was the head of Human Capital, Sandra Pettovello.

As Ámbito was able to confirm, the head of state’s speech will be from a lectern and not from the presidential desk in the lower house.

Javier Milei’s speech before the Legislative Assembly

The Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francosmaintained today that the speech that President Javier Milei will give tomorrow in the Legislative Assembly “will begin a new period” in the National Congress to carry out “a period of more stable transformation” and anticipated that we should not expect “an aggressive speech.” by the Head of State.

“Starting tomorrow, with the speech that the President is going to give, a new period will begin in which we will have to find ways in Parliament to enact laws that allow us this change that Milei is carrying out,” Francos said this morning in statements to radio La Red.

The minister added that he is convinced that it will be possible to “agree on rules to carry out a more stable period of transformation through an institutional agreement” since all “the actors in Argentine politics know that there must be changes.”

“I don’t think we should expect an aggressive speech from the President, but he is going to tell about the situation in Argentina, how this situation was caused and reached and how to see the future,” Francos anticipated.

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