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Javier Milei will reaffirm his fight against caste in an atypical speech

This Friday, March 1, as appropriate, the head of state will give the traditional opening speech of ordinary sessions in Congress. Instead of sitting flanked by the heads of both chambers, he will sit facing legislators, governors and special guests, from a lectern. That is to say, turning your back on the presidents of the Chambers. His speech will start at 9pm instead of noon, as had been done for several years.

These modifications, if you like in form, also encompass a fundamental change. The President will speak to the people, as he did when he took office and for this reason aspires to have the largest audience.

It is anticipated that it will be a short speech (about 40 minutes). Javier Milei asked each minister for reports on what they found in their areas and what improvements they introduced so far in his Government. In the Casa Rosada it is pointed out that was written by Mileiwith the assistance of your advisor Santiago Caputo.

As usual it will take up part of the time in review the inheritance -identifying what it considers the most exemplary facts of abuse and misuse of public funds- and general transformation guidelines who aspires to achieve his four years in power.

New omnibus bill

Congress photo .jpg

The President will denounce the inheritance and propose a new basic law.

Although the President called Congress “a rat’s nest”one of His first government actions were to call extraordinary sessions to discuss the omnibus bill and the Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU), which included 1,000 reforms. But, the non-approval showed that ““Politicians have no problem damaging the interests of Argentines to maintain their privileges,” asserted to the Financial Times newspaper.

This does not mean that the Government from now on will ignore Congress and govern by decree, as they commented to Ambit fountains in the Casa Rosada. It will insist on sending the Base Law (although not the original project) with more additions.

The Executive hopes that legislators approve – without modifications – this new initiative to later help the provinces via a Fiscal Pact and the modification of the Income Tax.

The provinces depend on the co-shareable resources sent by the Nation to meet their expenses, at a time when provincial income is being compressed due to the significant drop in activity. It is for this reason that in La Rosada there is the impression that “provincial rebellions will end up being more discursive than practical.”

Returning to the speech, Milei feels that Argentines value his fight against “caste” although the great majority of the population are suffering a strong adjustment in your income. In this regard, the Di Tella University’s Government Confidence Index in February shows that official management has 51% confidence. And the adjustment still did not show its full face. The impact of the tariffs on homes and businesses is missing, which will further exacerbate the contraction in consumption.

However, Milei is convinced that By deactivating the “politics business”, reducing State interference and ordering the macroeconomy, Argentina will quickly be able to grow again.

Dollar stocks

Milei insists that with his first policies he avoided hyperinflation, and anticipated that “Once the Central Bank is healthy, we are planning to lift exchange controls… the IMF estimates that we could do it by mid-year,” he told the Financial Times.

The lifting of the stocks, in the opinion of the President, could imply “a lot of investment despite not having institutional changes. . . and this could be the take-off point so that next year Argentina will be growing in a strong, solid, sustainable way and with low inflation.”

The results so far produced by the economic plan executed by the Minister of Economy, Luis Caputocould realize the aspiration of lifting the stocks.

This Thursday, while Milei remained in Olivos writing the speech, posted: “Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon that arises from an excess supply of money that causes the purchasing power of the currency to fall and with it all prices expressed in units of local currency to rise.

Embed –

“The dollar, being a financial asset and therefore adjusting faster than goods, anticipates prices (not that it causes prices to rise). Using this analytical framework, I propose to look at what is happening with monetary aggregates in nominal, real and GDP terms. If they don’t get the math wrong, they will see the light at the end of the road and understand what makes the caste so nervous…”, he concluded on the social network X.

Message to politics: The program is achieving its objective of lowering inflation (which would help mitigate the social cost a little) and if the Government achieves stability and reverses the recession as soon as possible, It will be difficult for politics to regain influence on the people.

Milei considers himself an “outsider” in politics and although he holds the first position, he differs in his handling of power from other leaders.. “He does not believe in alliances or agreements (neither with politicians, nor with businessmen or other sectors of power,” They usually explain in their environment. And, in the face of threats, as was the case of the governor of Chubut, Ignacio Torres, double down.

Therefore, although I would avoid making personal references In his speech before the Legislative Assembly, will not stop vilifying what he considers the “caste” which are all those who led to Argentina’s backwardness for decades, according to their vision.

Surprise at the end of the speech

javier milei 1500.jpg

The speech will be brief but concrete and includes a surprise at the end.

The speech will be brief but concrete and includes a surprise at the end.

In the Casa Rosada they anticipated Ambit who will end the speech with “a surprise” which, as such, is kept under 7 keys.

Outside Congress, meanwhile, sympathizers of parties such as the Polo Obrero and Frente de Izquierda, among others, will listen to him, not exactly with approval. These organizations are calling for “that the next 1st. March, a large mobilization takes place before Congress to repudiate the Milei government and its brutal adjustment against the people”.

Also, it is estimated that there will be a cacerolazo and a molinetazo (jumping turnstiles on public transportation). Meanwhile, within the enclosure, it is not ruled out that some legislators withdraw or demonstrate against the President.

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