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Rental prices in CABA decelerated sharply in February after an increase in supply

The average rental value in the Buenos aires city increased a 2.9% in February -according to the survey Zonaprop– while the inflation is projected 18%according to him Survey of Market Expectations (REM) which publishes the Central Bank (BCRA).

This is the smallest increase since October 2021while the supply of apartments grows 20.6% compared to last month.

With the inflationary acceleration and the salary liquidation It is becoming more and more difficult to rent, salaries lost 14% in December alone of purchasing power. Despite this, rental prices continued to rise.

In January they advanced 21%, a record increase since the survey began. Zonapropcompared to an inflation of 20.6%.

Beyond the economic situation, there was also a strong growth in supply in CABAafter years of free fall after the sanctioning of the rental law in July 2020.

The new rental contracts accumulate a price increase of 286.7% in the last twelve months, while inflation would be at 227% year-on-year -according to the REM-. Meanwhile, the adjustment of Lease Contract Index (ICL) was 147.1% in the second month of the year.

Rentals in CABA: a studio apartment costs almost 2 minimum wages

In the City of Buenos Aires, a studio apartment rents on average for $354,568 monthly while a two environments costs $416,991 monthly and one of three environments by $568,314 monthly.

Palermo continues to be among the most expensive neighborhoods in the City of Buenos Aires to rent, a two-bedroom apartment costs on average $501,375 monthly. They follow him Nunez ($478,920 per month) and Belgrano ($478,341 per month).

At the same time, Liniers It remains the most accessible neighborhood with an average value of $318,143 per month. They follow him Mouth and Slaughterhouses, $327,360 monthly and $333,837 monthly, respectively.

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