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The Government criticized the teaching strike: Aberrant, reprehensible and questionable

DNU: Congress once again demands the presence of officials

By Cecilia Camarano

After the shipwreck of the “Bases Law”, the Government will try to ensure that DNU 70/2023 presented by President Javier Milei does not suffer the same fate in Congress. In this framework, this afternoon the bicameral Legislative Procedure Commission will meet again, to which Government officials were summoned to give explanations about the ruling party’s deregulation megadecree.

The presence of the members of the Cabinet had already been requested on the occasion of the treatment of the omnibus law. On that occasion, for example, the head of the Interior Ministry Guillermo Francos went to the Lower House to defend the project. On this occasion, the presence of the Chief of Staff was requested, Nicolas Posse; the Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo; of health, Mario Russo; the brand new owner of ANSES Mariano de Los Heros and the Secretary of Labor, Omar Yasin.

According to a survey conducted by Ambit, until now officials prefer not to set foot in Congress. Sources close to Posse told this medium that “it is not planned” for the Chief of Staff to attend the bicameral meeting and that he will only do so “when it is provided for by law”, that is, when he must provide his report before the cameras.

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