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The Government insisted that it will move forward with the change in the salary adjustment formula

February 29, 2024 – 11:16

According to spokesperson Manuel Adorini, the Executive will seek to modify the salary calculation formula for retirees and pensioners.

The Government seeks to reform the pension law.

The presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorniassured this Thursday that the Government will seek to move forward with a retirement reform and thus modify the calculation formula for assets. “We always said that we are going to try to ensure that retirees do not lose against inflation,” he said this Thursday in Pink House.

“The idea is to reform this retirement formula, we wanted to start this process with the basic law, in the meantime we will try to ensure that you do not lose everything you have already lost,” said Adorni.

As far as he could know Ambit, The Government is evaluating the possibility of transferring retirees who accessed through moratoriums to a social benefits system, a measure that would cover approximately four million people.

What are the new minimums and maximums for retirements since March

The National Government made official this Thursday the Minimum and maximum amounts of retirement benefits that will apply from Marchwhich were established in $134,445.30 and $904,689.54 respectively.

This results from applying the 27.18% increase granted by the Executive Branch, an increase to which will be added the payment of a $70,000 financial aid bonus, in accordance with what was announced.

“It is established that the minimum guaranteed asset in force as of March 2024, arranged in accordance with the provisions of article 8 of Law No. 26,417, will be $134,445.30″, indicates article 1 of Resolution 39/2024 of the National Social Security Administration.

Meanwhile, the second article states that “the maximum asset in force as of March 2024, arranged in accordance with the provisions of article 9 of Law No. 26,417, will be $904,689.54“.

The standard was published in the Official Gazette.

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