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A woman died and her 80-year-old husband was rescued alive

February 8, 2024 – 15:24

A woman died in the collapse of the work in Caballito. The firefighters managed to rescue her 80-year-old husband alive, who was transferred to the Durand hospital.

Courtesy of Télam.

A woman died this Thursday after the collapse of a construction site in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of little horse. The firefighters managed to rescue her 80-year-old husband alive – who was taken to the Durand hospital – and 11 other people, according to the City Police.

Behind the crumblinghe city ​​government deployed an emergency operation in Av. Pedro Goyena and Av. José María Moreno. The construction work caused the party wall to fall and affected an adjacent house, a PH type that brought together several apartments.

What is known about the landslide in Caballito

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According to reports from C5N, at the time of what happened, screams were heard and the first floor of the building was felt like it was collapsing. The City Police clarified that the collapse occurred before the start of the storm and they are already being studied Causes that caused the collapse.

The construction site that collapsed was a respiratory disease center which was sold some time ago and was in the process of being a building, they indicated from the television medium. In addition, the work is located next to a PH, so the people who live there were also evacuated.

Collapse in Caballito: one dead and people rescued

After the call that entered 911, he moved Firefighters and SAME personnel to the scenealong with a team from the K9 Dog Division, who immediately activated the search and found the deceased woman. Also, they reported that “eight workers had been trapped, without injuries and are now being taken to safety“.

Alberto Crescenti, head of SAMEexplained that they attended to “5 adults and two minors who were removed by the Firefighters” and explained that the deployment contemplated “23 system ambulances, psychologists, psychiatrists and triage assembly”.

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