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MEP dollar and CCL do not stop falls and already accumulate a 17% collapse in 5 weeks: what are the causes

In that framework, the MEP gives up $4.75 (-0.5%) up to $1,046.29. In this way, the gap with the officer is located in a 24.4%.

For his part, the CCL dollar falls $7.08 (-0.7%) until $1,089.19, and the spread is positioned in the 29.5%.

At the same time, The blue dollar falls $5 (-0.5%) to $1,075, according to a survey of Ambit in the caves of the City.

Several issues influenced the lower pressure on parallel exchange rates, according to market operators.

First of all, The dismantling of positions in dollars is maintained due to the need for pesos, within the framework of the liquefaction of savings and the recession of the economy.

Secondly, beyond a certain moderation, the liquidations of exporters, that in this new scheme, 20% are taken to the CCL.

In third place, The progressive access to the MULC by importers and the new BOPREAL tenders reduce the pressure on the financial exchange rate.

Government conflict with provinces

President Javier Milei will meet with his Cabinet in Pink House, to deliberate on management progress. The focus will be on the bid with the provinces, in the middle of the crosses with Ignacio Torres of Chubutand Axel Kicillof in Buenos Aires.

In the afternoon, the Patagonian governors They will have a conclave in Senate to receive the support of the opposition blocs in the midst of the government’s funding cut.

He Argentine financial market moved last week in the midst of a marked and recurring shortage of pesospromoted by the Government of Javier Milei through title tenders that point to press monetary contraction to attack the inflation.

“This sharp monetary contraction is complemented by a endogenous deposit growth by a interest rate who traveled well below inflation in December and Februaryresulting in a collapse of the ‘Private M3’ in today’s pesos of 29% since Milei’s inauguration and 42.5% since the beginning of August, breaking the lows of 2003,” he said Personal Portfolio Investments.

“Currently, the monetary policy rate It stands at 8.3% monthly, a number much lower than the inflationary level of close to 20% per month. This makes it difficult to find fixed income instruments that allow you to beat inflation, or at least in the short term,” he said. Delphos Investment.

How much is the official dollar trading at today, Tuesday, February 27

In the official exchange market, the wholesale dollar reaches the $841.20 by increasing $1.70 compared to Monday’s close.

Price of the card dollar today, Tuesday, February 27

He dollar card or touristand the dollar savings (either solidary) quotes at $1,376.00.

Quote of the crypto dollar today, Tuesday, February 27

He crypto dollar or Bitcoin dollar operates at $1,078.49, according to Bitso.

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